Experience The Wild Conservation Tour

The Vision

The purpose of the Experience The Wild Tour is to create powerful wildlife animal images on large commercial buildings in metropolitan cities that will be a lasting daily reminder that our global wildlife decline needs to be addressed. My vision is to unite conservation organizations, small businesses, large corporations, zoos, museums, universities, outdoorsmen in a joint effort to make a major difference in the decline of our wildlife. My plan is to offer field trips and/or workshops to local schools to come and visit while I’m completing these projects in order to educate the younger generation about art, conservation and nature.

The Artwork

Experience The Wild Tour is a series of mural paintings on large commercial buildings in metropolitan cities in the US and abroad to bring awareness to proven animal preservation and conservation organizations. My focus is to educate the public about threatened and endangered species in an urban setting. Each mural will be a donation and a gift to each participating city.

The Statistics

There are 19 species currently listed on the “critically endangered” list, 26 species on the “endangered” list, and 30 on the “threatened/vulnerable” list (https://www.worldwildlife.org). Most of the species listed are well known to the public like: Mountain Gorilla, Black Rhino, Orangutan, Asian Elephant, Chimpanzee, and the Bengal Tiger just to name a few. In the last 100 years we have lost a staggering 160+ mammal species on our planet due to poaching, over-fishing, over-hunting and loss of habitat. This list does not include reptiles, amphibians, insects and marine life. It is our responsibility to ensure that our children and their children will be able to experience these animals in the wild.

The Artist

As a mural and wildlife artist with over 30 year’s experience, I will offer my knowledge and talent to donate and complete each mural project. I estimate that each project will take 10-18 days to complete from start to finish depending on the building scale. The quest of this tour is to merge my wildlife art (featured here at jerryragg.com) with my mural experience (www.muraldecor.com). Each image will be created in my studio to conform to the structural integrity of the building, the surface and the composition. These projects will be treated like a fine art painting and I will be using years of research from sketches, field studies and photography to create the best image to depict the species chosen for each project. Each project will be an iconic image and symbol for each city. These murals will be a window into nature’s realm so that every viewer will Experience The Wild.


The Experience the Wild Tour is currently seeking premiere wall areas that have high traffic exposure. If you know of a large building in your area that has a blank canvas and know they might want to participate, please fill in the form below with your information. Remember, each mural is a DONATION to the city! Share this link, post on social media, forward to friends and family! We need your help! Thanks!

If you have a large building area that you would like to have considered for this project, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the possibilities! We look forward to hearing from you with ideas, feedback, suggestions and support!

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